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Optima Pochaiv

General information hotel Optima Pochaiv

"Optima Pochaiv" operates with enhanced security measures! 

The "Optima Pochaiv" hotel is located in the Ternopil Region, in the small town of Pochaiv, near the main entrance to the Pochaiv Lavra regarded as the foremost spiritual center of the Orthodox Church in western Ukraine. The Optima Pochaiv has twice ranked among the top 100 hotels in Ukraine and has been selected as one of the top 10 hotels by the Doroga.ua portal.


There are 68 rooms in the following categories: “Standard“, “Superior”, “Suite”, “Patriarch's Suite”, conference service, and hairdressing services. Our staff will be happy to organize excursions and trips to local places of interest. Optima company cares about the comfort of the guests, so the hotel provides the means of accommodation for people with special needs. There is also on-site parking for 12 cars.

The hotel provides a place for staff and guests to stay during an alarm.

General information

Ресурс 68 Free Wi-Fi
Ресурс 102 Laundry
Ресурс 126 Luggage storage
Ресурс 101 Parking
Place to stay during an alarm
Ресурс 53 Railway station, km 2
Ресурс 19 Rooms 68
Ресурс 106 Room service
Ресурс 34 Transfer

For leisure

Ресурс 63 Bar
Ресурс 21 Restaurant
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"Optima Pochaiv" operates with enhanced security measures! 

Room price includes accommodation of your choice, Wi-Fi, parking, and taxes (except for tourist tax). From January 31, 2019, the local council established a tourist tax rate of 0,2% for residents (domestic tourism) and 2% for non-residents (inbound tourism) of the minimum wage established by law for January 1 of the reporting year for one person for each day of temporary accommodation of a person at the hotel.

Children under 5 years old inclusive are accommodated free of charge in the same room with their parents without an extra bed. Upon request, a child under 5 years old can be accommodated on an extra bed for 250 UAH*.

The cost of acommodation of children over 5 years old and adults on an extra bed is 450 UAH (including breakfast), 350 UAH (without breakfast).

*This rate is valid in situations where guests do not want to share a bed with their parents and a cot is not suitable, ie:
- if a child under 5 years old sleeps with his/her parents, the accommodation is free of charge,
- a cot for a child is free of charge
- if a cot is not suitable and an extra bed is needed - the cost is 250 UAH